31 December 2010

Inspiration of the moment

Zara - Evening Collection

Vera Wang
(+ my favourite model, Hanne Gaby Odiele)

Big kiss,

30 December 2010

Christmas atmosphere

This is what christmas looks like at our home.
Mom loves to buy decorations (and presents^^), especially when they are for christmas.

Big kiss,

A late 'Merry Christmas'

We do suck in having and updating a blog. It's just so much more difficult than we tought!
We are still thinking about what we want with this blog and how we can work it out and make it work. Hopefully 2011 will bring us some inspiration and time and ... to make this blogdream come true :)

And, a merry christmas!

Big kisses from Hanne & Ester.

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31 August 2010

Summer in the city

Tomorrow school starts again. I'm excited to go, and in the same time, I don't want the summer to end! And I have no idea what to wear, haha.

24 August 2010

A little late

So, this is the first time I actually write something on this blog, haha. My lovely sister has written all the other posts, and there weren't so many of them either.
It's clear that I'm the worst blogger in history, but from now, it only can go better!
But that's not what I wanted to say. I just wanted to show you yesterday's outfit. So here it is:
I'm wearing my favourite UO skirt. Normally it's not that short, but it always goes up. Very irritating, haha.
Don't know what I was was doing there!

What a relief, my first post is done!
Love, Ester

26 June 2010

'Human Nature' cover by Bent Van Looy

Bent Van Looy is the very talented singer of Das Pop, a lovely Belgian group.

He played this the day after Michael Jackson died, 1 year ago now. We both love this version of the song and thought it would be the perfect time to post it!


14 May 2010

Hello World!

Finally, we made it! Our first post!

We are Ester & Hanne and this is our blog. Surprise!
It's not quit clear what we want with this, but that will, hopefully ;), change in time.
A crappy first post, because of the lack of pictures. There's a small problem with our camera, but that will be solved soon. Which means tomorrow, or the day after ;)

So, now we're going to make something of the lay-out.