23 June 2011

Finals are over.

Today I had my last exam and Tuesday I will, hopefully, graduate.
It's weird to know that I'm almost finished with highschool, and I'm pretty excited about the next big adventure called 'University'.
But first the holidays, and I've planned some great things to do.
And I promise that from now on I'll really try to keep you posted ;)

Here some inspiration. Enjoy!

Links: VanessaJackman, StuddedHearts, Topshop, StyleBubble

PS: We missed the first birthday of the blog in May, ooops!

Big kiss,


30 April 2011


It's already been a long time since the last post. Sorry for that!

But, let's see it this way: it's always a surprise when we write a post ;) The best way to keep in touch and never miss a new message, is to follow us on Bloglovin!

The first week of the Easter holidays I've been on a schooltrip to Italy. The weather was great, almost tropical, and I have had so much fun with my friends!
We visited a lot of famous cities like Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano, Siena, Florence, Assisi, Ravenna and Venice. Assisi was definitely my favourite city, sooo beautiful :)

Here some pictures to get an idea of what it looked like. The outfit pictures are accidential shots ;)

Big kiss,


11 February 2011


Here some streetstyle inspiration. I'm very much into simple outfits at the moment. Basic colours, strong silhouettes, not that much accessoires. I love it :)


Enjoy your weekend!
Big kiss,

22 January 2011


Those beautiful pictures are from the lookbook of asos.com.
I'm totally obsessed with the red pants and the ponytail of the model, gorgeous isn't it?
Actually I'm obsessed with all the pants in the pictures, I'm a real pantslover. Wear them all the time. The blue jumper is also very pretty, a lovely deep colour.
Big kiss,

15 January 2011

3 January 2011


Happy newyear & that all your wishes may come true!

Our first post in 2011, and it feels great :)
We hope that this will become a year full off fun, good food, friends, fashion, good music, good concerts, beautiful art, etc...

Big kisses,
Ester & Hanne.